Simple, quick and secure: complete your administrative formalities online via the guichet-entreprises.fr service.

Your first visit to guichet-entreprises.fr

Guichet-entreprises.fr is the point of single contact for business creation. Free of charge and accessible to everyone, the online service means you can complete your application without having to leave your home or office.

Creating your business

You’ve found the idea, you’ve obtained the funding to launch your project and have chosen the legal status for your business… now you need to register it!

The formalities to create your business are processed centrally by the CFE (Centre de Formalités des Entreprises – centre for business formalities). Thanks to guichet-entreprises.fr, you can complete all these formalities online without having to physically visit the CFE concerned. Depending on the nature of your professional activity (artisan, shopkeeper, liberal profession, farmer…) the centre for business formalities will not necessarily be the same.

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Modifying or ceasing your business activity

On guichet-entreprises.fr, you can also inform all the competent authorities (tax office, Urssaf, Insee, public records, RSI, etc) of any changes to your business.

Finally, you can also cease trading as a micro-entrepreneur and officially deregister your business as a sole trader (companies can not yet complete the formalities online to cease trading). The updated information will be forwarded to all the competent authorities concerned (tax office, Urssaf, Insee, public records, RSI, etc).

Create an account and log in

To use the online service you will need to create your personal area on guichet-entreprises.fr. This will enable you to create and then manage your application(s) and update your personal information. With FranceConnect authentication, if you already have an account with Impots.gouv.fr, Ameli.fr or La Poste, you can connect to guichet-entreprises.fr by using one of these three accounts.

Complete and submit your online application

The guichet-entreprises.fr website enables you to complete your application online, attach the supporting documents required and pay any fees due. Once your application has been completed and submitted, it is sent to the competent authority for processing.

To follow the progress of your application, contact the recipient to which your application has been sent.

Further information concerning a regulated activity

Certain regulated activities (hairdresser, butcher, estate agent, lawyer, etc), require an authorisation or prior declaration before you can begin your activity. The “regulated activities sheets” available on guichet-entreprises.fr explain the conditions and various steps required to create a business with a regulated activity.

Did you know?

There are 105 regulated activities in France, the full list can be found in the “Regulated activities” section.