Consumer information

Under the terms of Article 7(1) of Directive 2006/123/EC of 12 December 2006 on services in the internal market, points of single contact must make available « the contact details of the associations or organisations, other than the competent authorities, from which providers or recipients may obtain practical assistance ».

Guichet Entreprises offers you the following three links:

1) To settle a dispute in France:

On the website of the General Directorate for Competition Policy, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control (DGCCRF), see the « Consommation » (Consumer Affairs) section: [FR]. More specifically, refer to the information sheets on domestic consumer protection legislation and how to seek redress in the case of dispute (settlement or litigation): [FR].

2) To find out about your rights or settle a dispute in Europe:

Refer to the website of the European Consumer Centre – France: This site is part of an EU-wide network of European Consumer Centres. It serves as a direct point of contact for French consumers. It is located in Germany and is hosted by the French-German consumer association « Centre Européen de la Consommation », in the same offices as the European Consumer Centre – Germany.
The Centre’s mandate includes:
• Providing information and advice to consumers about their rights within Europe
• Settling cross-border consumer-related disputes
• Promoting mediation
• Monitoring the European market
• Passing on consumer complaints to the European Commission and to national and European-level bodies.

3) You would like to expand your business into another EU Member State

Refer to the Enterprise Europe Network: [FR]

The Network’s objectives include:
• Providing information to businesses on any Community-related topic
• Encouraging businesses to take part in European R&D programmes
• Offering support to businesses who wish to extend their activity to other EU Member States.
Pursuant to Article 21 of the Services Directive, both the European Consumer Centre and the Enterprise Europe Network have been designated points of contact for France. They inform recipients of services (as consumers and businesses) about European legislation, legislation in other EU countries and available means for redress in case of dispute.