Creating your business on user guide

Whatever the sector of activity and the legal status of the business you wish to create, enables you to carry out all the necessary formalities: registration, declaration and payment of any fees.

You can now do everything without leaving your home or office, securely and via a single interface, even if yours is a regulated activity.

Creating your business

To create your business and give it legal status, it must be registered. enables you to create your dossier totally online. Once complete this will be passed on to the competent authority for processing. In France, the CFEs (Centres de Formalités des Entreprises – centres for business formalities) are responsible for receiving your application. They are the front-line points of contact for businesses and act as an interface with the various administrative authorities.

The 4 steps required to register your business on

  1. Create your personal area (or connect using your FranceConnect ID and password).
  2. Create the business itself (sole-trader or company).
  3. Complete a request for authorisation or a prior declaration – required for certain regulated activities.
  4. Submit your application.

Create your personal area

Click on the link My account > Register.

You will then need to fill in the form displayed (the fields followed by an asterisk must be completed):

Email address: this address will be automatically become your ID (user name). All notifications will be sent to the email address you enter.

“Surname”: enter your surname

“First name”: enter your usual first name(s)

“Password”: your password must have a minimum of eight characters and include at least:

  • one number
  • one upper case letter
  • one lower case letter
  • one special character

“Confirm password”: re-enter the password you have just selected

Other fields to be completed: back-up email address, telephone number, country, secret question and answer.

Once you have completed all the fields click on “Submit” to complete the creation of your personal area.

Register your business: complete your application on

Once you have created your personal account, you can begin the creation of your business by clicking on “Log in”.

You will need to complete the requested fields concerning (1) your activity, (2) its geographical location and (3) its legal status. Once these fields have been completed you will no longer be able to go backwards.

The next step is to create the business itself. You will need to provide all the relevant information concerning the profile of your business, complete the forms and attach any supporting documents required (eg: proof of identity).

Useful to know: you will need to have the supporting documents available in digital format in order to upload them (JPEG and PDF formats are accepted up to a maximum of 2 MB).

You can, at any moment, save your information and return later to complete your application by logging into your personal area. During this step, you will be given the name of your CFE (Centre de Formalités des Entreprises – centre for business formalities). You can contact your CFE at any time, notably to follow-up your application, once this has been submitted and sent via

If you wish to apply for ACCRE (Aide aux Chômeurs Créateurs ou Repreneurs d’Entreprises – help for the unemployed creating or taking-over a business) when registering your business on you must also send your ACCRE application to the competent CFE. This transfer is not made automatically by the website.

Regulated activities

Certain regulated activities (eg hairdresser, butcher, etc) require authorisation or a prior declaration. The website enables you to request the necessary authorisation or prior declaration for a certain number of regulated activities. This will be extended to other regulated activities in the future.

If your activity is regulated and the website does not yet allow you to request authorisation or make the prior declaration required, you cannot continue the process to create your business as such. In this event you will need to contact the authority concerned to submit your request for authorisation or make the necessary prior declaration, as appropriate.

Professional qualifications

If you declare an artisanal activity, where RM (Répertoire des Métiers – register of trades) registration is mandatory, you must provide proof of your professional qualifications. On, you can provide the required proof of your professional qualification as an artisan (justification d’une qualification professionnelle artisanale – JQPA) when you complete your application to create your business.

Submitting your application and paying fees

Once the business has been created and, in the case of a regulated activity, the request for authorisation or prior declaration has been made, you will be allowed twelve months for the final submission of your application and payment of any fees.

You can, at any time before this final step, re-read and/or print off the various elements that make up your application.

What happens once you have submitted your application on

Once your application has been submitted on, it will automatically be sent to your CFE (Centre de Formalités des Entreprises – centre for business formalities).

It is the CFE that will process your application and this usually takes approximately ten working days. If the CFE requires any further documents to process your application, you will be contacted by post.

For any question concerning the progress of your application, you should contact the CFE to which your application has been sent.