Builder, restaurant-owner, nurse or baker… before launching your business, find out all you need to know about the formalities and conditions applicable to a regulated activity in France.

Check our fact sheets to see whether yours is a regulated activity:

Food [FR] |  Building, property [FR] |  Teaching [FR] |  Surveying[FR]|
Sale and purchase of goods [FR] |  Animal sector[FR]
Financial and legal sector [FR] |  Tourism, Leisure, Culture [FR] |
Other services [FR]

Some activities are regulated, i.e. practicing them requires either sending a declaration or filing an authorisation request with the appropriate authorities. Authorisations are subject to certain prerequisite conditions (such as the proper diploma, practical experience, ethical considerations, etc.)
The Guichet Entreprises website allows users to submit certain types of authorisation requests or declarations. In the long term, these requests and declarations are set to cover an increasing number of such activities.